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If you’re looking for an editor, let me first start by saying congratulations. Anyone who has a passion for the written word can call themselves a writer, but you know as well as I that writing is hard. You’ve got to be dedicated to finish a book, willing to work through the challenges of the mind and spirit to get to that last line on the last page. Anyone can call themselves a writer, but you, dear friend, have achieved something few can claim. You finished.

So let’s celebrate that you’ve put your passion to the page, and you stuck to it. (Haven’t finished yet, or just getting started? Don’t worry—we can help you get there! Check out our writing coaching or set up a consultation to find inspiration!)

For any writer pursuing publication, the next step is finding an editor to work on your finished manuscript. That’s where we can help.


We Are Editors by Profession, Writers by Passion.