“Amber’s approach was practical and non-abrasive. The revising/editing process is what I despise the most about writing, but she was able to edit in a way that I still have the creative passion while going through edits. She helped me take this from an idea and random notes to a legitimate book.  I highly recommend her services!  Thanks again! I will reach out to you on my next book.”

— Jane FuQuay, Lovers and Lattes  |  Developmental and Copy Edit


“Sending your writing to an editor is always nerve-racking, but Christi made it painless. Her suggestions were thoughtful without being harsh, she picked up consistency errors no one else noticed, and she guided me in the right direction for future manuscripts. It was wonderful to work with someone who could fix the issues, yet leave my voice intact. I’ll definitely use her for copy editing projects in the future!”

— Anne Wheeler, Forever’s End  |  Copy Edit


“Amber has done a phenomenal job in editing my novel. She’s done more than just spell-check or grammar-check the words—she’s taken the time to read and understand my book. Every suggestion she’s given has made the book much more readable and valuable. She’s helped me get the story across in a concise manner while also helping all the points I really wanted to make become much more clearer and consumable. I look forward to getting her edits back to see what a great book this is becoming. I think I’ll even buy one when we get done! I was very lucky to find Amber. She gives me the confidence to keep writing. I think that lots of people have stories to tell, and really need to tell them, but many of us are not English majors or experts at bringing a story to publishing levels of excellence. Amber Helt has those qualities.”

— Brian Oldham, In Consequence of War  |  Developmental Edit


“It has been a great pleasure working with Amber. Thank you for editing my book! I really enjoyed her editing style. She not only corrected many words and sentences to make the chapters smoother and more comfortable to read, but also kindly added comments and notations explaining why the changes were necessary. These have helped me a lot as an author in understanding the many subtle choices in expression. Also, I am appreciative that she delivered her work on time. I’m looking forward to collaborating with her on my next book and happy to introduce her to my friends, should they have the need.”

— TJ Xia, PhD, How to Inspire Outstanding Ideas  |  Copy Edit


“Amber Helt was truly a godsend. I presented for her review a manuscript that was over 52,000 words and she jumped right in, waist deep and worked out all of my many kinks and errors. Amber displayed strong sagacity coupled with a very keen and gifted ability to recognize the many pitfalls that could lead to catastrophic failure for a published author. She possesses a strong command over the English language, and her intellectual editing prowess is unrivaled in the editorial community. One of the many things I admire most about Amber is her ability to communicate timely and efficiently. She is an example by which others in her professional milieu could truly be judged. Thank you SO much Amber!”

— Robert MP, Work in Progress  |  Developmental and Copy Edit


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