Writing Coach

writing-coachDo you have a book in mind, but aren’t sure how to start? Or maybe you’ve started, but you’ve gotten stuck and don’t know how to continue. As a writing coach, I’ll help you work through your book’s structure and outline, find a writing schedule that works for you and help keep you accountable in hitting your goals, and brainstorm with you whenever you encounter a difficult spot in your project.

I have two packages for writing coaching available. If you would like to add content editing to your package, see my editorial packages.


The Long Haul

We’ll work together through the whole writing process, from creating an outline to submitting the final chapter.


What it includes:

  • Four one-hour phone conversations a month to discuss your chapters and different writing techniques. Part brainstorming, part lesson, these sessions are geared to shaping you into a better writer.
  • A detailed, comprehensive outline and writing calendar, tailored to your project. Think of it as your color-coded guidebook for the journey ahead.
  • Detailed critiques on your chapters as you finish them. Let’s catch the small errors before they grow into big issues.
  • Guaranteed two-hour turn around on emails during business hours.

Not sure if a writing coach is right for you? You can schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me to find out! We can talk about your project, your goals, my process, and what you can expect from working together. To schedule a free consultation, email me at amber@rootedinwriting.com to set up an appointment. Then fill out this questionnaire and turn it in before our talk, and I’ll give you a call!

Touch and Go

A one-time session where we talk on the phone to help you iron out any issues you’re running into; writer’s block, a sloppy plot, flat characters, marketability, motivation—whatever you need! If I don’t have all the answers you’re looking for, I’ll do the research and send you a detailed follow-up email that week.


The Process

Email me at amber@rootedinwriting.com to set up your appointment. I book all Touch and Go calls one week in advance at a time most convenient for us. Depending on what you’d like to talk about, I may ask for some of your resources prior to our conversation.