proofreadIf you’re fairly confident in the structure, execution, and fine tuning of your manuscript, a proofread is the final pass to look for any last-minute or tiny mistakes. I don’t address style or word choice, just the black and white rules of grammar and formatting. Proofreading is a must for self-publishing authors. After your book has been copyedited and laid out for print (either on paper or digital), a proofreader will ensure that nothing was missed or corrupted in the design process. I care about the aesthetics of each page I proof in addition to the mechanics.


The Process

Because most proofs take place after a project has been through design, I accept PDFs as well as Word documents. For PDF users, I’ll give you a correction sheet detailing each change that needs to occur that you can use to make the corrections yourself or hand off to your designer. For Microsoft Word documents, I use Track Changes so you can see everything I do in your document.

We never have the same editor work on both the copyedit and the proofread for one book. A new round of edits calls for new eyes and a fresh perspective.

I offer a free proofreading sample of 1,500 words for potential clients.