Ghost Writing

ghost-writingThere’s a common saying that goes, “Everyone has a book in them.” I believe this to be 100 percent true—everyone has an idea, an experience, or a lesson worth sharing. However, not everyone has the time or the patience to figure out how to get that story from their hearts and minds onto paper. A ghost writer doesn’t steal your ideas, they work with you to cultivate your ideas, using your voice and vision to bring your book to life.

I specialize in business books, memoirs, inspirational texts, and literary fiction, however I’ve been known to dabble in romances, crime thrillers, and juvenile fiction, too!


What It Includes:

  • A personally tailored manuscript scaled to your desired word count and guaranteed to capture your vision.
  • A customized writing calendar for the project’s numerous deadlines, meetings, and exchanges.
  • Weekly phone calls or in-person meetings to discuss the chapters’ progress and overall project direction.
  • A full developmental edit after the first draft is written.
  • A full copyedit of the manuscript.
  • Guaranteed two-hour turnaround for emails during business hours.

From beginning to end, we’ll work together to bring your story to life.


**due to confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, I am unable to provide samples of my published works.