Copy Edit

copyeditOnce you’re happy with the structure and development of your manuscript, a copy edit looks at the grammar, style, word choice, and other “gritty details” of the prose. The focus on my copy edits is to perfect the mechanics of your content without sacrificing your personal voice.


The Process

I edit all novels and memoirs in Chicago Manual of Style, the most commonly used style guide in publishing houses. Decisions on oxford commas, hyphens, citations, and other major grammar points will be based on the most recent edition of CMS. If your project is for an academic or professional magazine, I will comply with the language style of their choice (usually AP, MLA, or APA). I use Microsoft Track Changes in my copyedits, so you can see everything I change in your manuscript. If you have any questions on a grammatical decision I make, I will be more than happy to cite the rule in the manual for you.

I offer a free sample copyedit of 1,500 words for potential clients.