The digital age is drastically changing the publishing landscape. Whether you’re self-publishing, looking for an agent, or wondering how to get better plugged in with the writers’ community, here are our favorite sites and resources for you. Get rooted, writer.



Rooted in Writing’s Blog — We’re not saying our blog is the pinnacle of all writerly advice, but we do have quite a few articles on the craft and lifestyle that we think you’ll find useful. Go check it out.

What Editing Service Does My Book Need — Rooted in Writing’s own QUIZ to help you figure out what editorial service would be best for your manuscript.

Writer’s Market — If you’re looking for a publisher or agent, this is a great database to use for getting started. It has a complete and updated copy of the Writer’s Market and a ton of resources for finding current agents. If you don’t buy the hard copy, you will need a subscription to access.

Jane Friedman’s Guide to Self-Publishing — All of Jane Friedman’s website is a goldmine, but if you’re interested in self-publishing and don’t know where to start, this article will act as an excellent guide.

Creative  Penn’s Book Cover Designer List — Book cover designers range greatly in both cost and quality, and the two aren’t always correlative. You can use a friend or a professional, do it yourself or leave it in the hands of your publisher. If you’re looking for a cover designer, this article has some great resources on where to start your search.






How to Make Your Ultimate Novel Database-page-001 (1)

How to Make Your Ultimate Novel Database

Download this free PDF to learn how to organize your story’s outline, characters, map, timeline, and writing schedule in one easy-to-access Google Sheets file.

This PDF includes:

  • Visual, step-by-step instructions on customizing your own novel database
  • A link to download your own copy of the database template
  • Example content from bestselling authors and my own works in progress